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Project Supervision

safety signMany companies find themselves assuming the role of prime contractor, but do not have a safety program in place that effectively manages the safety needs of a multiple contractor site. Therefore, Border Safety Systems will create a project specific safety program to manage the needs of these projects. These programs are created for prime contractors and designed to suit the needs of each project individually. These programs specialize in managing the safety needs of a multiple contractor worksite.

If you find yourself in this situation we will create a custom program for your multiple contractor site. It will be an extension of your existing program tailored for a specific project. All contracted and sub-contracted services working for you or under your contract will be included in this program. The result is rather than having repeat documentation from numerous contractors, all the safety documentation is streamlined into one format and filing system.

To further assist prime contractors, Border Safety Systems is able to provide site supervision. We have members with NCSO designations on staff to assist you as on-site supervisors. These supervisors will manage the implementation of your program to contractors and subcontractors, as well as advise you on safety concerns throughout your project.

Billing rates for these services vary greatly depending the type and size of project, and the services required. Please contact us with details and any questions regarding a project needing supervision, and we will be happy to provide you with an estimate.